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  • Realization of a virtual tour for the property.
  • Panoramas realized over 360° with free movement on all axes.
  • Creation of interactive hot spots allowing to navigate from one panorama to another.
  • Interactivity with the map of the property.
  • CD ROM or DVD supplied with the virtual tour and 15 high resolution pictures.
Special-Rate - Total € 2,075.00
Amount to pay at the order € 1,037.50
Amount to pay when the CD-ROM or DVD is supplied € 1,037.50

By the present document, both Sibarth/Sibarth Real Estate Companies, because of their exclusive relationship with 360 WestIndies Company for the island of St. Barthélemy – FWI, will have all intellectual ownership rights with respect to the use of the virtual tours and photographs taken, that are rights to reproduction, representation, adaptation, distribution, and exploitation of these virtual tours and pictures, for all forms and using any technique for present or future media; these are granted as worldwide rights and remain in effect for the term of the author’s right. This provision constitutes a determining condition of the realization and special pricing of this exclusive service.

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